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  • "Overall, a great puzzle game and well worth the download. Highly recommended." on Yoyogames forums.
  • "Try out a fun and challenging maze game that will keep you busy for a long time" on Softpedia.

Total Sudoku

  • "A very nice and well made Sudoku game" and a rating of 78% on Caiman.
  • Total Sudoku gets 5/5 stars on AOL-soft.

Total Sokoban
  • "Overall, this is a great game and should be played by any puzzle fan, Sokoban fan, or anyone who wants to play a game which matches style and substance without fault" and 4/5 stars on Acid-play.
  • "The game is absolutely addictive and absorbing" - Editor's pick and 4/5 stars on Software.Informer.
  • "All in all, a fine Sokoban game that I highly recommend" and 3.9/5 stars on Reloaded.
  • Total Sokoban gets 4.4/5 stars on Srelease.

Bunny Tale
  • "Animations are spectacular!" and a rating of 79% on Caiman.

Classic Pacman
  • "A must for every Pacman fan!" and a rating of 99% on Caiman.
  • "Great action. Intelligent enemy AI" and a rating of 84% on Caiman for Easter version.

Puzzle Pacman
  • "A great puzzle game, NOT a pacman" and a rating of 99% on Caiman.