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Friday, May 15, 2015

NAM3C - Not Another Match3 Clone

This is Not Another Match 3 Clone. You are the player, bored to death by zillions of match3 games. This time you control the elements and build the board the way you like. However, matching only 3 elements is not enough to increase the score and the time, and the game over will come very quick. Still, there are an infinite number of upgrades to increase various aspects of the gameplay, providing that you have the necessary score. There are also one time bonuses to easen your gameplay. But enough text...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Improvements to Dotlock and Connect to Zero !

I have made some improvements to the mobile versions of Dotlock and Connect to Zero !


  • portrait mode;
  • some serious bugs corrected;
  • Facebook and Twitter buttons added;
  • Exit game button works now !

Connect to Zero:

  • some bugs corrected;
  • Facebook and Twitter buttons !

In the near future achievements will be implemented !

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gamemaker pause tutorial updated to GMS 1.3

I redone some functions, because they became obsolete in GMS 1.2. You can view and download the updated version of the tutorial: Gamemaker Studio 1.3 pause tutorial.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Connect To Zero

Connect matching numbers and reduce 30 boards to zero !

Your task is to clear 30 squared boards filled with numbers from 0 to B, by matching and connecting 2 numbers in the same row or column. After the connection was made everything inside the selection will be reduced down to zero.

Sounds simple, no ?! But to finish most of the boards you'll need planning and strategy. Do it wrong and you'll be restarting a lot...

PS: even if you have zeros inside the connection, it is a valid move !


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DotLock goes mobile !

After the feedback received for the web version, I corrected some serious bugs and released version 1.1 for the web and version 1.0 for Android!

What's new in this version ?
  • corrected some performance issues.
  • corrected the next button; now one can't repeatedly press it to skip levels.
  • corrected the game finished percent; now you can't go over 100% and you can get the "New management" medal (just replay and finish one level).
  • removed the pause button, as it was useless.
  • separate buttons for music/sounds.
  • minor graphics changes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


You are given the task to lock (finish) 100 boards filled with dots, impassable dots, keys and locks. You draw horizontal or vertical (no diagonal allowed) lines between 2 adjacent dots, thus connecting as many dots as you can without intersecting the lines. If you connect enough dots (shown on the ending yellow square) AND enter that square you will finish the level. However you get only 1 star. To get 2 stars you must connect even more dots, and to get 3 stars you must connect ALL dots.

On most levels you will encounter red, green or blue keys associated with RGB locks, and a special magenta lock, which is unlocked only if you have no key on you. You can have only 3 any keys on you at a specified time.

The game is controlled by your mouse. In addition you can move with WSAD or arrows keys, and restart with R key.

I hope you enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoyed learning Stencyl and making it ;)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Awards system for Gamemaker games

This is the awards (achievement) system I used in my recent games, Trapped and PushIt. It is very simple, as it uses only one object, one scripts, one global variable, and can show multiple achievements, as shown in the picture below.

Awards system of GameMaker

First you need to create a global variable at the game initialization store the awards, global.awards='0000000000'. It uses 10 zeros as in this example there are 10 awards. Also we need the sc_award_text(award) script to set the awards text. The script has one argument, the award number (0...10):
var text='';
switch (argument0) {
case 1: text='First award';break;
case 2: text='Another award';break;
case 3: text='Yet another award';break;
case 4: text='Fourth award';break;
case 5: text='And so on...';break;
case 6: text='Test 6';break;
case 7: text='Test 7';break
case 8: text='Test 8';break;
case 9: text='Test 9';break;
case 10: text='Test 10';break; }
return text;

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Simple pause tutorial in gamemaker

Here is a simple, yet very effective pause tutorial for your gamemaker games. I also used it in most of my games, for pausing the game, displaying achievements list and tutorials. It can be used for other game stopping stuff, like displaying a pop-up, the highscores list, etc.


Here it goes !
First you will need to create an object : ob_pause. Don't attach any sprite to it. Next create a background back_pause and put any image you want to be shown behind the pausing event.

Then, in the Create event put the following code:
keyboard_clear(vk_space); //clears the pause key
instance_deactivate_all(1); //deactivates the game objects but not the pause object
In the Draw event use the code:
draw_background_stretched(back_pause,0,0,room_width,room_height); //draws the background of your choice
draw_text(x,y+10,'Game paused !');
draw_text(x,y+40,'Press Space to continue !');
And in the Release Space key:
instance_destroy(); //activates the game object and destroys the pause object
Lastly, when you need to pause the game, just create ob_pause at coordinates (0,0) at keyboard Space event.

Here you can download a simple demo, with more comments to the code ! Note that I replaced the config folder because of the size of it (4Mb) !!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Prepare yourself for long nights scratching your head for the solution in this logical game.

Welcome to the world of Push-It! Prepare yourself for long nights scratching your head for the solution in this logical game. The goal of each level is to move the treasure chest onto the exit, with the character, using the WSAD or arrow keys. Sounds even possible to get stuck on a single level for some hours until getting that Eureka! moment. But is best for you to decide that !

The game features 58 brain teasing levels, 12 awards to unlock, 4 different endings, and has a distinguishing feature is that the player and in-game objects can be moved half a grid square, which is crucial to the unique type of puzzles found in the game


Puzzle game with over 15 puzzle elements and 49 levels to question your intelligence.

Welcome to Trapped. Make yourself at home. You are going to be here for a long, long time. No one has ever escaped and no one ever will. Maybe until now... You are Teohari, the jailbreaker mastermind. Your purpose is to reach the escape stairs on each level, using keys, teleporters, morphlings, steps and lots of other puzzle elements. Easy enough? You decide.

The game features 49 levels, divided in three difficulties, 12 awards to unlock, over 15 puzzle elements, including coloured keys for doors, teleporters, pushing boulders, morphlings. In addition most levels can be finished in various ways, leaving it up to you to decide how.


Puzzle action game set in the frozen world of the north pole, with fairies, gems and ghosts.

You are a fairy who just found out about some hidden relics in the frozen world of the North Pole. You venture there and start searching for the relics. But the forgotten world is haunted by ghosts and filled with deadly traps. Can you recover all the treasure ?!

This game features four difficulties, and a last level, totally 30 levels of action and puzzle. Also most levels can be finished in various ways, it is up to you to choose how do you want it.

Total Sudoku

Total Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9, only one time each (that is, exclusively).

  • Endless, because every time you click the Create puzzle button, you get a new puzzle.
  • Selecting number to enter with THREE different methods.
  • Input methods: Mouse or keyboard.
  • Puzzle grades: Basic grades are Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • Wrong entries are flagged with a distinguishing color (red).
  • Print puzzle to paper.
  • Hall of Fame with fastest times and average times.

Total Sokoban

Total Sokoban is the most complete Sokoban clone, including almost all the levels ever made - 9868 until now, level editor, game customizations and more...

  • Mouse movement for maximum playing experience.
  • Cute edge graphics.
  • A huge number of levels for you to browse trough. 
  • The possibility to load external BMP or JPG backgrounds to customize the game. 
  • The possibility to play external MIDi music to customize the game.
  • Advanced help files. 
  • Advanced highscore table. 
  • Play levels in sequence or random order.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Advanced Level Editor.

Bunny Tale

Bunny Tale is a new remake of a popular logic game "Sokoban". This time you'll be playing a clever rabbit trying to bring back the eggs for the Easter. Original innovations and high quality animated graphics will guarantee you and your children many hours of brain-bursting fun.


  • Classical music.
  • Spectacular animations.
  • Plenty of levels with a nice increase in difficulty.
  • Save/load features.
  • Undo/reset features.
  • Easter theme graphics.

Classic Pacman

Classic Pacman is a game I`ve created that is a game similar (but not the same) as the classic arcade game "Pacman" but with my own added touches. The idea is a simple one - guide Pacman around the maze and eat all the little blue dots whilst avoiding those nasty ghosts.

  • The game currently has 25 build in levels.
  • Includes a level editor for almost unlimited amounts of levels you can create.
  • It is very good controlable!
  • It supports two languages : romanian and english.
  • As a bonus, there are also Easter and Christmas themed versions.

Puzzle Pacman

Collect all the crystals, take the key and go to the exit. Sounds easy, not? Not easy at all, but it's funny and addictive. Every time Pacman runs over a box the maze changes!! There are enemies too and you have to finish the level within a specified time. Not easy at all, but it's funny and addictive.


  • Has nice graphics and sounds.
  • It's funny and addictive.
  • Every 5 levels you will get a password.
  • It supports two languages : romanian and english.

Atomix 2

Puzzle game with chemistry !

While the first few levels are easier, the levels gets more and more difficult and you have to exercise your brain to build each puzzle. Basically, you have all the atoms of the particular element scattered around the board. Your movements are limited to 4 directions, but the trick is that they cannot stop unless they touch a wall or object on the board.

  • It is my first game which runs under Windows.
  • It has nice graphics, good sounds and a very friendly user interface.
  • The game is fun, difficult, amusing, and frustrating all at the same time.
  • You may unwittingly learn some science along the way.
  • You move the symbols with the mouse.
  • You can choose what level you want to play.

Z80 Spectrum games

Here you can find all the Spectrum games I've created when I was young, from 1997 until 2001....but they are only made in romanian.

To run these programs you need a Spectrum emulator that can load *.z80 files. You can find one here.

  • logic games - Labirinth, X&0, Pacman and Pacman 2.
  • adventure games - Superland si Magic Kingdom. 
  • game compilations - SS-DOS, Simplex and Cipi.
  • pokes compilation - Infy, Pokes and Pokes 2.
  • Des - utility to crack other Spectrum games. blog online !

Long time no seen.

So I decided to close my site and start a blog. I think that will be easier for me to give you more updates and news.

Let's see how this turns out !